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A Message from the Library Director 3/22/20

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 Dear Community Members:

First let me say, on behalf of our board of trustees, administration and staff, we hope you are well and will continue to re­main so. For anyone who is not, we hope you are receiving the best care possible and are feeling better soon.

It is the mission of the South Huntington Public Library to strengthen our commu­nity by fostering connections, satisfying curiosity and inspiring creativity – a tall order in these difficult times. However, we remain dedicated to the mission, in what­ever way we are able to do so. Our staff is working behind the scenes to do all we can to serve you.

When you visit our website, you will find a series of FAQs to help with the more commonly asked questions. We have added blogging features to the home­page and department pages so we can easily update you on any new information we may have. We continue to use social media to connect on our adult, young adult and children’s pages. Please take ad­vantage of the vast array of online re­sources that are available to you. Take a class, learn a language, try a new craft or download a book. We are also offering virtual programming op­tions for all ages. Please check our website and so­cial media for informa­tion.

Most importantly, in these times, our staff will continue to rely on our core values of connection, awareness, respect and empa­thy as we navigate this current health cri­sis. We truly care about our community and look forward to opening our doors and welcoming you all inside once again.


Janet Scherer

Library Director

Published by on March 21, 2020
Last Modified September 25, 2020