Picture Books That Break the Fourth Wall

Do you love picture books?  Have you ever wished that the characters in the story could come to life, that you could interact with them and really participate in the story instead of just being an observer?  If so, then this is the list for you! The books described below all have characters who break the fourth wall, which means that they figuratively leap off the page and address the reader specifically, or ask the reader to participate in the story.  Give one of these books a try- I’m sure that your reader will love being part of the action!












This Book Just Ate My Dog!

This Book Just Ate My Dog  by Richard Byrne


Bella is just minding her own business, taking her dog for a walk, when the canine disappears into the gutter of the book! Seeking the help of a boy named Ben, a fire truck, and a police car is not enough- Bella needs the reader to save the day!  For additional metafictional fun, you can read the rest of the Bella and Ben adventures: We’re in the Wrong Book, This Book is Out of Control, and This Book Just Stole My Cat!




Snappsy The Alligator book cover art

 Snappsy the Alligator by Julie Falatko


Snappsy the Alligator did not ask to be in this book.  He’s just a simple creature, and the pesky narrator who keeps interrupting and misinterpreting his ordinary day in an attempt to make the story more interesting is really getting on his nerves! If you can’t get enough of Snappsy’s shenanigans, you could also try Snappsy the Alligator and His Best Friend Forever! (Probably).




Tap the Magic Tree book cover art

 Tap the Magic Tree  by Christie Matheson


In this celebration of the changing seasons, readers are invited to tap, rub, touch, and wiggle illustrations to make the tree bloom, produce fruit, and lose its leaves.  Want more? Try Touch the Brightest Star and Plant the Tiny Seed from the same author for more interactive fun!





Bunny Slopes book cover art

Bunny Slopes  by Claudia Rueda


Bunny is ready to hit the slopes for a snow-skiing excursion, but he needs a little help!  If the reader would be so kind as to shake the book to make it snow, tilt it to help Bunny get down the slope, and turn it to help him avoid the cliff, he would be very grateful. Thanks ever so much! 

If you enjoyed this book, you might also want to look for the sequel- Hungry Bunny, and/or Rueda’s twist on The Three Little Pigs, Huff & Puff.



The Staring Contest book cover art

The Staring Contest by Nicholas Solis


Have you ever participated in a staring contest?  How did you do? Think you’re any good at it?  What? You’re unbeatable? Hmmm ....we'll see about that, because you’re about to meet the staring-master! These eyes can stare all..day..long.  They’re ready to challenge any reader to the most intense staring contest ever!  Are you ready?




The Monster at the End of This Book cover art

 The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone


It is true that loveable, furry old Grover is one of the friendliest characters on Sesame Street, but in this story he is not fooling around.  You must listen to him. In all seriousness.  He must insist that you do NOT read this book.  Don’t turn any of the pages.  If you open the cover, do not continue.  Please follow these instructions because Grover does not want to meet the monster at the end of this book!




Can You Make a Scary Face? book cover art

 Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas


Are you ready for some fun? With the help of a bossy ladybug and a friendly frog, readers are invited to get active with requests to make silly faces, do the chicken dance, stand up, sit down, wiggle around, and more!





Press Here book cover art


Press Here  by Hervé Tullet


Just as the title suggests, in this entertaining book, readers are asked to press dots, shake pages, tilt the book, and more which results in the illustrated dots “magically” changing with each page turn- multiplying, changing directions, and growing in size!  This is the first in a series of interactive books by the author, so be sure to also check out Mix it Up!, Let's Play!, and Say Zoop!



The Panda Problem book cover art

 The Panda Problem by Deborah Underwood


If you’re like most kids, you love pandas.  Cute, fluffy, and oh so sweet, right?  Wrong- or at least that’s the opinion of the narrator of this book, who is at the peak of frustration because the Panda protagonist will not behave, and refuses to follow the narrator’s directions.  What a (hilarious) disaster!



Have I Got a Book For You! book cover art

Have I Got a Book for You!  by Mélanie Watt


Hey, you! Yeah, you! You look like a discerning reader.  The type that won’t read just any book, but instead saves their time and attention for something truly special.  Yeah, I thought so! Well, have I got a book for you! Open the first page of this terrific tale, and allow Mr. Al Foxword to persuade you to give this magnificent book a try!


Published by on August 14, 2023
Last Modified November 29, 2023