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Enjoy access to The Athletic, courtesy of South Huntington Public Library. The Athletic is a subscription-based website that delivers in-depth sports coverage of your favorite teams and leagues. Access includes everything from breaking news and live commentary to long-form features, exclusive interviews, podcasts and more.  

The Athletic is available on their website or app. Once logged in you are able to select the teams and leagues you want to follow. 

The Athletic's newsroom delivers in-depth coverage of hundreds of professional and college teams across more than 47 North American markets and all 20 football clubs in the English Premier League.

The Athletic has every major league covered by award-winning talent, spanning the NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NWSL, PGA, NCAA Football, NCAA Men's College Basketball, NCAA Women's College Basketball, EPL, Champions League, fantasy sports and much more.

The Athletic was founded in 2016 with the goal of delivering the best sports journalism, filling a void for fans hungry for deeper sports news and better coverage of their local teams. In 2022, The Athletic was acquired by The New York Times.  

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Published by on December 16, 2022
Last Modified February 08, 2023