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July/August 2022 Community Service for SHPL residents currently in Grades 6-12

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Registration is not required for the programs below; however, participants in these passive programs must have SHPL library cards and be currently in grades 6-12. These opportunities are available until August 31. We will email you a community service certificates within 2 weeks. Please send emails to or  


Monthly Community Service: Summer Library Passport

Celebrate and enjoy the libraries in Huntington Township this summer! Beginning June 1st, stop by the library to pick up a passport and get your first stamp.  Visit at least four other libraries and receive 2 hours of community service. If you visit all 7 libraries and return your passport by September 6th you will receive a prize. You must return the passport by September 6th in order to receive community service. 


Recycling Challenge

As part of the Sustainable Libraries Initiative, we are “challenging” teens to consciously recycle and earn community service and money at the same time!  This is what you do:

  1. You can recycle any bottles or cans that have a deposit on it. 
  2. Bring your items to any store that accepts these recyclables.  
  3. For every 20 items you recycle you will earn one hour of community service!  
  4. Email us a picture of the receipt, your first and last name, and  your grade with RECYCLING CHALLENGE in the subject line.  

Many community service opportunities are also available as online programs. Check our monthly and weekly newsletters and our library program calendar to see what is available. The majority of these programs require registration with a valid SHPL card and are available to those in grades 6-12. Questions? Please ask!


Published by on July 01, 2022
Last Modified August 12, 2022