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LOL! It’s National Humor Month! Middle Grade Recommendations

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If you’re anything like me, books just make you smile -- and when you’re talking about humorous books, they make you laugh out loud!  Since April is National Humor Month, I can’t think of a better time to share a list of books that will strike your funny bone and keep you giggling all day long.  Grab one of these books, or explore some of the other laugh-out-loud books that we have available at the library. Enjoy!






Pickle book cover art

Pickle: The (Formally) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School  by Kimberly Baker (4th & up)


After pulling an epic, anonymous prank at his new school, Ben Diaz is inspired to continue the shenanigans that drive the adults crazy but prove highly entertaining for his fellow students.  Deciding to go big or go home, he recruits some new friends to pretend to be part of a pickle-making clu,b while the group actually forms a P.T.A. (a Prank and Trick Association).  Can the mischief makers stay one step ahead of the grown-ups that want to ruin their fun?



Funny Girl book cover art

 Funny Girl: Funniest. Stories. Ever.  edited by Betsy Bird (4th & up)


In the mood for a good laugh?  This collection of 28 short stories, comics, letters, poems, essays, and quizzes penned by an impressive array of female writers is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! Enjoy contributions by well known authors such as Raina Telgemeier, Shannon Hale, Cece Bell, and Lenore Look, or discover a new author to love!  A veritable smorgasbord of amusing delights!




My Life as a Potato book cover art

My Life as a Potato by Arianna Costner (4th & up)


You might think your life is tough, but unless you consider yourself cursed by potatoes, then you have it better than Ben Hardy! Ben has always had a dislike of the starchy vegetable (No, really. Technically it is a vegetable), and moving to Idaho -- the unofficial “Potato State” -- has not changed things.  When a school-based calamity leads to Ben being forced to take over as the school mascot “Steve the Spud”, he’s sure that his chances of making a good impression on his classmates, and his new crush, are fried. 



Charlie Jackson's Guide to Not Reading book cover art

Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading (series) by Tommy Greenwalt (5th & up)


Charlie Joe Jackson is the most skilled non-reader you have ever met.  The lengths he will go to and the schemes he will concoct to avoid reading are truly legendary! But when his anti-book trickeries finally catch up to him, he is forced to write a book as punishment, and this very book -- Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading -- is the hilarious result!  This is the first in a fun series of entertaining stories that will have you giggling for hours!



The 13-Story Treehouse book cover art

13-Story Treehouse (series) by Andy Griffiths (3rd & up)


Young author Andy and illustrator Terry live in an amazing 13-story treehouse, complete with a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a secret underground laboratory, and so much more! Life couldn’t be better, except for the fact that all these amazing amenities are distracting them from their job of writing and illustrating books! Who has time to work amidst all this fun?  Unless . . . they write about all the crazy, wacky, fun-filled things they do in their treehouse home? Now that’s an idea!



Slacker book cover art

 Slacker by Gordon Korman (4th & up)


Eighth grader Cameron Boxer takes his status as a slacker very seriously.  He’ll do practically anything to avoid work in any form – especially school work! His latest scheme is to create a new school club called the Positive Action Group, which is really just a front for him and his friends to be able to play video games right under the noses of his parents and school administration. But when students start taking the club seriously, Cameron ends up actually doing good deeds around the community.  How did Cameron get himself into this situation? Putting forth effort, making positive changes in his world -- oh, the horror of it all!



Planet Omar book cover art

Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet (series) by Zanib Mian (3rd & up)


Imaginative, funny, and simply delightful, the Planet Omar books should be on your must-read list! All of the books in this series share the ordinary yet wonderful adventures of 10-year-old Omar as he deals with being a new student, handling bullies, enjoying his Islamic faith, and more! Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, these illustrated novels are a blast!




I Funny book cover art

I Funny (series) by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein (4th & up)


Wheelchair-bound middle schooler Jamie Grimm has had some challenges in his life, but making people laugh always brings him joy.  Determined to channel this interest into a future career, Jamie applies to participate in a local stand-up comedy contest.  With people underestimating him and even his own cousin constantly bringing him down, can Jamie prove them all wrong and bring some humor and joy to others in his own unique way?




My Life as a Book cover art

My Life as a Book (series) by Janet Tashjian (4th & up)


Like most kids, in Derek Fallon’s mind summer means freedom.  No more annoying teachers, early wake up calls, stressful tests, or endless school assignments.  Life is good.  Well, it should have been, until Derek finds out that his parents signed him up for Learning Camp!  What is this nonsense? Derek’s summer adventures are funny and relatable, and this story even has a bit of mystery thrown into the plot as well!




Alien Superstar book cover art

 Alien Superstar by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver (4th & up)


Alien Buddy C. Burger has just landed on Earth, and what’s his first destination?  Why, Hollywood, of course -- the land where dreams come true! When Buddy is spotted on the Universal movie lot, the alien with his six-eyes, suction cup covered feet, and blue skin is mistaken for a costumed actor and immediately lands a role on a popular TV series as — you guessed it – an alien!




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