December Community Service for SHPL residents currently in Grades 6-12

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Monthly Community Service: December Donations

Get ready for the new year by cleaning out those closets and donating old/unused items to those who may need them more. Between December 1-31, submit a photo of your donations and fill out our community service form here: to show us what you're donating and tell us about where they are being donated to. Please note, donations will not be accepted at the library - it is up to you to find a location accepting donations and dropping them off yourself. Please note, all projects may be posted on the library's social media accounts. A maximum of 2 hours of community service will be awarded for the month. All community certificates will be emailed out on/before Thursday, January 6.

Please send all the below community service activities to or to with the title “COMMUNITY SERVICE” in the subject line. Please include your first and last name, age, grade and school in your email.  Please be patient as it might take a little time for us to send a virtual community service letter to document your service. If you have not received anything after 2 weeks of your submission, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone at 631-549-4411 ext. 205. All submissions must be received no later than the last day of the month listed above.

Create two Google slides recommending a book that is in the YA Library.  The first slide should have the Title, author and picture of the book.  The second slide should have a review of at least three complete sentences stating why you should read the book.  Teens can submit up to two book recommendations for the month for a maximum of 2 hours of community service. Please send the files in the following formats only: jpg, png or pptx.

Many community service opportunities are also available as online programs. Check our monthly and weekly newsletters and our library program calendar to see what is available.The majority of these programs require registration with a valid SHPL card in the participant’s name and are available to those in grades 6-12. Questions? Please ask!


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Last Modified January 25, 2022