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February is a great time to fall in love -- with a new hobby!  Listed below are a few examples of the many special interest books we have in our non-fiction collection. No matter what topic or subject appeals to you, we’re bound to have a book about it!  In fact, in many cases we have books for different age groups in each topic.  Feel free to check out your options the next time you're in the library!









Kids Get Coding

 Kids Get Coding (series) by Heather Lyons (3rd grade & up)

J005.1 LYONS

This series covers every aspect of coding that a fledgling computer expert could need, with such volumes as Coding, Bugs, and Fixes, Coding in the Real World, Coding to Create and Communicate, Programming Awesome Apps, and Programming Games and Animation.  Give your child one of these books, some time to explore on the computer, and prepare to be amazed!




Singing at School

Sign Language for Kids (series) by Kathryn Clay (Kindergarten-5th grade)


Did you know that American Sign Language uses finger movements, hand gestures, and facial expressions?  Did you know ASL is the third most popular language in the US? Did you know that we have ASL books in our collection?

With this series, you can explore Signing in My World, Signing at School, Signing Around Town, and Signing at Home.  This is a great collection for those who are first learning sign language, with enough content to also be useful for those who already have a basic foundation. Perfect for younger learners (with adult support) and independent older learners as well!



 Stargazing (Out of This World series) by Alex Kuskowski (Kindergarten-4th grade)


If you’re looking for something to entertain yourself in the winter months, all you have to do is grab your coat and step outside your home! The stars await . . . 

This book will help any novice stargazer get started, as the brief content gives a basic introduction to astronomy, constellations, famous astronomers, and more!  Come, explore the wonders of the night sky!


Good Night Yoga

Good Night Yoga: a Pose-By-Pose Bedtime Story by Mariam Gates (K-3rd grade)

J613.7046 GATES

In this simple and easy-to-follow introduction to yoga, readers are shown 11 different yoga poses they can do while enjoying a calming bedtime lullaby tale.  This is just the thing to get your child de-stressed and ready to relax for the night.  

For older readers, if you check out the same area of the nonfiction section of our children’s department you’ll find many other yoga instruction books to try.



Cooking Class

 Cooking Class Global Feast! 44 Recipes that Celebrate the World’s Cultures by Deanna F. Cook (4th-6th grade)

J641.59 COOK

It’s likely that your family is spending more time than ever eating at home.  Are you tired of the same old meals?  Here’s the perfect opportunity to shake things up! This fantastic cookbook contains recipes from all over the world, offering options for breakfast, drinks, dinners, and desserts.  Inside, you’ll learn more than just the ingredients for these delicious meals -- the book also includes overviews of different heritages, kitchen rules, important pronunciations, cooking techniques, as well as full color illustrations to help you along the way.  So, get cooking! (and don’t forget to invite me over for a meal)


Draw 50 Sharks

Draw 50 Sharks, Whales, and Other Sea Creatures by Lee J. Ames (3rd-6th grade)


Ames’ drawing series has been around for decades, and their popularity has never waned.  With easy to follow, step-by-step directions, kids can indulge their artistic creativity through a number of popular subject areas.  In addition to the highlighted sea creature book listed above, Ames also has books on how to draw dinosaurs,  cats, dogs, airplanes, monsters, buildings, flowers, endangered animals, and more!




Outdoor Photography

 Outdoor Photography (series) by John Hamilton (3rd-6th grade)


No matter the season, it’s always the perfect time for great photographs.  In Outdoor Photography, Hamilton teaches novice photographers how to take great landscapes, wildlife, and nature pictures.  As well as learning about cameras, lenses, shutter speeds, and more, enthusiasts will also read about the history of landscape photography and top photographers in the field.  

The series also includes Portrait Photography and Fashion Photography.



100 Screen Free Ways

100 Screen Free Ways to Beat Boredom by Kris Hirschmann (2nd-5th grade)


This title is a must-have for any family who feels that some time away from the computer is desperately needed (and who doesn’t feel that way these days?). Hirschmann’s book is full of great ideas for getting creative without using technology.  Split into three categories -- Beat Boredom at Home, Beat Boredom Outdoors, and Beat Boredom on the Move -- you’ll find out how to set up a car scavenger hunt, build an obstacle course, have an indoor picnic, and so much more. Detailed instructions and lists of needed supplies for each activity are provided.  Before you know it, your whole family will be enjoying some unplugged bonding time.


Amazing Magic Tricks

 Amazing Magic Tricks (series) by Norm Barnhart (2nd-5th grade)


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome one and all to the Amazing Magic Tricks series! No matter what level of aspiring magician you are, there’s a book in our collection that is perfectly suited to your talents! Beginner, Apprentice, Expert, and Master levels are all included in this set, and all are sure to please.  So, grab a book, and get ready to amaze your friends and family with the coolest magic tricks around!

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