Giving Thanks! Grateful for Picture Books

Giving Thanks

Despite the roller coaster ride this year has been, hopefully you still have plenty to be grateful for.  We at the South Huntington Public Library are grateful for you -- your patience, your support, and your willingness to adjust and embrace the new normal.  We are grateful to work in an environment that keeps us all safe, while still allowing us to provide services for the community.  And, of course, we are grateful for books, especially books like the ones listed below that focus on giving thanks for whatever and whoever lifts you up every day!



Thanku: Poems of Gratitude

Thanku: Poems of Gratitude poems by Joseph Bruchac (and thirty-one others) (1st-4th grade)


This lovely poem collection features contributions from an array of talented, diverse authors, all with the common thread of gratitude.  Perfect for any season, I would recommend enjoying this book now, and throughout the year.  Readers will encounter a vast number of poetic styles, as well as new and favorite authors that will surely inspire them to seek out other works by these talented writers.





Thank You Letter

The Thank You Letter by Jane Cabrera (K-2nd grade)


After a picture perfect birthday party, Grace is so thankful that she can’t wait to spread her gratitude all around town!  Through simple, but sincerely worded thank you notes, she shows her appreciation to her family and friends, community members, her cat, the blue sky, and more. Everything comes full circle when the recipients of her notes show their gratitude as well.





Circle of Thanks

Circle of Thanks by Susie Gregg Fowler (K-3rd grade)


This is a charming story set in the Alaskan tundra and populated by the people and animals that call the land their home.  When a young boy and his mother help an otter pup, the pup carries the kindness forward when he helps a raven, who then helps another animal, and so on.  Every act of kindness inspires another, emphasizing that a good deed can have long lasting ripple effects in the world -- a reminder we all can use, no matter how old we are.




Thank You World

Thank You World by Alice B. McGinty (K-3rd grade)


Eight children from eight different countries give thanks for the many special things in their lives, from playful breezes to nighttime tuck-ins.  The characters come from the U.S., Mexico, Mali, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, France, India, and China, and the book shows the perfect blend between the daily differences in their lives and the ways they are alike.





Thank You Omu

Thank You, Omu! by Oge Mora (Preschool-2nd grade)


Thank You, Omu! is an utterly delightful picture book, which earned Mora a Caldecott Honor and a Coretta Scott King-John Steptoe Award for New Talent!  In it, a kind woman demonstrates generosity and kindness by sharing her delicious homemade stew with her entire neighborhood when they are drawn to her little apartment, one by one, thanks to the irresistible smell of her dinner.  When her selfless actions result in the disappearance of her stew before she can take even one bite -- have no fear -- her neighbors are ready to help out in return as they show their gratitude with a feast of their own to share with Omu.




Gracias, Thanks

Gracias/Thanks by Pat Mora (K-3rd grade)


This story of gratitude in everyday delights is presented in both Spanish (on the left hand pages) and English (same text on the right hand pages), and is a joy no matter which language the reader is more comfortable with.  With poetic writing and bright and fun illustrations, the young boy brings attention to an array of people and things to be thankful for.





Thankful Book

The Thankful Book by Todd Parr (Preschool-2nd grade)


Todd Parr’s writing and illustrating style is simple, and joyful, and fun, and this book is no exception.  From silly to sublime, readers are reminded to be thankful for music, nature, love, and underpants that you can wear on your head.  (I’ve never tried that personally, but I’m not judging -- whatever makes you happy is worth recognizing!)





We Are Grateful

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga by Traci Sorell (K-2nd grade)


The Cherokee people use the word otsaliheliga to express gratitude for the gifts they enjoy in their everyday lives, as well as the challenges they face that make them stronger and more grateful for what they have.  Follow along through a typical year,  as otsaliheliga is offered for various celebrations and struggles.





Giving Thanks


Giving Thanks: a Native American Good Morning Message by Chief Jake Swamp (K-3rd grade)


In Giving Thanks, a contemporary Mohawk Chief shares an adapted narrative of a traditional Native American Thanksgiving Address -- a gratitude for all the natural blessings that Mother Earth has offered for the past year. 





Thank You Book

The Thank You Book (Elephant & Piggie series) by Mo Willems (K-3rd grade)


The uber popular Elephant and Piggie comes to an end with the perfect entry -- a book of thanks.  Piggie is determined to show gratitude to everyone who is important to her, but Gerald is concerned that she will forget someone important! But have no fear, despite some initial missed chances, everyone important is thanked before the last page is turned, including a last minute surprising inclusion.


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