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PressReader is the largest all-you-can-read digital platform of magazines and newspapers where you can discover trusted content from all around the world in more than 60 different languages.  Find publications such as New York Daily NewsNew York PostLos Angeles Times, The Guardian, Popular Science, and Vogue, to name just a few.   

Access PressReader on your computer, smartphone, or tablet to enjoy the latest issues of newspapers and magazines in full-color and full-page format. 

In Web Browser:

Access PressReader in a web browser here.

Via the PressReader app:

Download the app for your mobile device or Windows PC. 

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Click Sign In and select Library or Group, search for South Huntington Public Library and enter your library card number. You have the option to create a PressReader account, but it is not required. With an account you will be granted 30 days complimentary access to PressReader. To use PressReader after the 30-day period ends, just log in with your library credentials again.

Published by on August 26, 2020
Last Modified May 09, 2021