Library Undergoing a Phased Reopening

The Library is undergoing a phased reopening. For more information, please click here. 

La Biblioteca está en proceso de reapertura por fases. Para obtener más información, por favor haga clic aquí.

Budget Vote & Trustee Election Information

Library Trustee Vote to be June 9

South Huntington voters will select two library trustees using the same ballot on which they will vote on the South Huntington School District budget and elect school board members. The vote will be held exclusively by mail-in ballot with return postage paid; no in-person votes will be cast.

An executive order issued by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is changing the way library and school district voting will be conducted this year, including setting the June 9 date. The library board of trustees had already opted to cancel the library’s April 7 budget vote and to have the library operate next year on the same budget as during its current fiscal year. However, there was still the matter of the trustee election.

The executive order gave libraries the option of partnering with their school districts for voting on June 9 or holding a separate library trustee election on Sept. 15. The library worked with the school district to share the June 9 ballot and consolidate management of the vote. 

Two incumbent library trustees are running unopposed for re-election. Stella Fox is seeking an additional five-year term, and Eleanora Ferrante is running for one year to finish the term to which she was appointed last year, when Kate Rea resigned and relocated out of state. Both trustee candidates fulfilled the necessary requirements to appear on the ballot in preparation for the original April 7 vote date, keeping them eligible for the June ballot.

Registered voters in the South Huntington School District can expect to receive a ballot in the mail with a return postage-paid envelope. 


Trustee Information

Stella Fox, Trustee

Picture of Stella Fox

I am honored to be running for re-election to the Library board. I have been a trustee for 12 years, serving as board president, vice president, and financial chairperson. As an educator, I believe strongly in the vital role that libraries play in promoting literacy and lifelong learning, and I am especially proud of the way our Library has expanded its services and programming to meet community needs and embrace new technologies.

The South Huntington Public Library continues to be an indispensable community resource, providing all of us with access to information, education, culture, and entertainment.  I would be proud to continue serving on the board and pledge to work diligently to ensure that the needs of our community are met in fiscally responsible, innovative ways.


Stella Fox, Fideicomisario

Me siento honrada de presentarme a la reelección de la Directiva de la Biblioteca. He sido parte del consejo de administración durante 12 años, ejerciendo como Presidenta de la junta, Vicepresidenta y Presidenta financiera. Como educadora, creo firmemente en la función vital que desempeñan las bibliotecas en la promoción de la alfabetización y el aprendizaje permanente, y estoy especialmente orgullosa de la forma en que nuestra Biblioteca ha ampliado sus servicios y programas para satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad y adoptar nuevas tecnologías.

La Biblioteca Pública de South Huntington sigue siendo un recurso comunitario indispensable, que nos proporciona a todos acceso a la información, la educación, la cultura y el entretenimiento.  Me enorgullecería continuar sirviendo en la Junta Directiva y me comprometo a trabajar diligentemente para asegurar que las necesidades de nuestra comunidad sean satisfechas de manera fiscalmente responsable e innovadora.

Picture of Eleanora Ferrante

Eleanora Ferrante, Trustee

Eleanora Ferrante was appointed to the Board of Trustees in 2019.  She has helped to foster the library’s presence in the community, increased outreach to new residents, and supported the library’s employee development efforts.  She remains committed to minimizing budget increases while maximizing the library’s services, outreach, and sustainability efforts.

Eleanora has also served as South Huntington PTA Council President, is on the Leadership Board for the Arthritis Foundation, and volunteers at St. Elizabeth Church. A college admissions and career coach, she is the owner of Square Peg Square Hole Coaching.

Eleanora’s interest in working with the library stems from her desire to provide our community with the best possible resources in the most fiscally prudent manner. 



Eleanora Ferrante, Fideicomisario

Eleanora Ferrante fue nombrada miembra del Consejo de Administración en 2019.  Ha ayudado a fomentar la presencia de la biblioteca en la comunidad, ha aumentado el compromiso con los nuevos residentes y ha apoyado los esfuerzos de desarrollo de los empleados de la biblioteca. Sigue comprometida a minimizar los aumentos de presupuesto y a maximizar los servicios, el compromiso con la comunidad y los esfuerzos de sostenibilidad de la biblioteca.

Eleanora también se ha desempeñado como Presidenta del Consejo de la Asociación de Padres y Maestros de South Huntington, forma parte de la Junta de Liderazgo de la Fundación para la Artritis y es voluntaria en la Iglesia de St. Elizabeth. Como entrenadora de admisiones y carreras universitarias, es la propietaria de Square Peg Square Hole Coaching.

El interés de Eleanora en trabajar con la biblioteca proviene de su deseo de proveer a nuestra comunidad con los mejores recursos posibles de la manera más fiscalmente prudente.