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Young Adult Fiction Books
[One Death, Nine Stories<br / >edited by Marc Aronson and Charles R. Smith, Jr.]
One Death, Nine Stories
edited by Marc Aronson and Charles R. Smith, Jr.
[Famous last words<br / >by Katie Alender.]
Famous last words
by Katie Alender.
[Sharkman<br / >Steve Alten.]
Steve Alten.
[Avalon<br / >Mindee Arnett.]
Mindee Arnett.
[The islands at the end of the world<br / >Austin Aslan.]
The islands at the end of the world
Austin Aslan.
[The doubt factory : a novel<br / >Paolo Bacigalupi.]
The doubt factory : a novel
Paolo Bacigalupi.
[Of Triton<br / >Anna Banks.]
Of Triton
Anna Banks.
[Words and their meanings<br / >Kate Bassett.]
Words and their meanings
Kate Bassett.
[Jenny Green's killer junior year<br / >Amy Belasen & Jacob Osborn.]
Jenny Green's killer junior year
Amy Belasen & Jacob Osborn.
[Zac & Mia<br / >by A.J. Betts.]
Zac & Mia
by A.J. Betts.
[The island of excess love<br / >Francesca Lia Block.]
The island of excess love
Francesca Lia Block.
[Some boys<br / >Patty Blount.]
Some boys
Patty Blount.
[Shipwreck island<br / >S. A. Bodeen.]
Shipwreck island
S. A. Bodeen.
[Faerie Lord<br / >by Herbie Brennan.]
Faerie Lord
by Herbie Brennan.
[Tape<br / >Steven Camden.]
Steven Camden.
[This strange and familiar place : a so close to you novel<br / >Rachel Carter.]
This strange and familiar place : a so close to you novel
Rachel Carter.
[Find me where the water ends<br / >Rachel Carter.]
Find me where the water ends
Rachel Carter.
[How to fall<br / >Jane Casey]
How to fall
Jane Casey
[Parched<br / >Georgia Clark.]
Georgia Clark.
[The hangman's revolution<br / >Eoin Colfer.]
The hangman's revolution
Eoin Colfer.
[The inventor's secret<br / >Andrea Cremer.]
The inventor's secret
Andrea Cremer.
[The real prom queens of Westfield High<br / >Laurie Boyle Crompton.]
The real prom queens of Westfield High
Laurie Boyle Crompton.
[I Am Alice]
I Am Alice
[Exquisite captive : book one of the dark caravan cycle<br / >Heather Demetrios.]
Exquisite captive : book one of the dark caravan cycle
Heather Demetrios.
[The taking<br / >Kimberly Derting.]
The taking
Kimberly Derting.
[Black ice<br / >Becca Fitzpatrick.]
Black ice
Becca Fitzpatrick.
[Falls the shadow<br / >Stefanie Gaither.]
Falls the shadow
Stefanie Gaither.
[Starry night<br / >Isabel Gillies.]
Starry night
Isabel Gillies.
[Changeling<br / >Philippa Gregory.]
Philippa Gregory.
[Fools' gold<br / >Philippa Gregory.]
Fools' gold
Philippa Gregory.

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