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Start Date : Saturday, February 2, 2019 [Feb19ArtCAL.jpg]

Start Time : 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Location : Gallery
Limited To : n/a
Program Size : n/a
Registration Required ? : No
Permission Slip Required ? : No
Program Status : Past
Program Description : Large watercolor paintings focus on the Dolomite Mountain range in northern Italy where the artist grew up and used to hike frequently. They include intimate mountain views and focal points of interest complex yet delicate paintings of pale colors with subtle color changes. An avid mountaineer, De Eccher has climbed several of the world's most prominent peaks, including Mount Everest in 1980. She began painting late in life out of curiosity to learn more about the flowers and plants she would see while climbing mountains. She purchased a basic children's watercolor set. "I started to paint the flowers and I had a love at first sight," she says. "I just enjoyed the feeling of the brush on the paper, of the transparency, of the light going through it."

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