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ABOUT LOCAL - The Library's Online Calendar


  • Written from scratch! Languages include: VBScript, SQL, html, javascript and css.
  • Dynamic calendar pages are created "on the fly".
  • MySQL database back end.
  • Events can be color coded based on age or type.
  • Colors and fonts can be customized with a single cascading style sheet (css).
  • Many customizable features.
  • Search for programs by title and description.
  • Access control by IP address or cookie login.
  • Display can be filtered to only show Adult, Juvenile, etc.
  • Tabbed interface: Month, Day and Search.
  • "Tell a Friend" and "Remind Me" links on individual programs.
  • Double-booking control.
  • Online program registration and ticketing.
  • RSS news feed for upcoming programs.
  • And many more...


  • Authentication by barcode using the Innovative API interface. Checks barcode, fines, expired card and district residents.
  • Generic authentication mode based on zip code only.
  • Computes age of child from birthday field in Innovative patron record. Registration can be limited by age.
  • Checks if already registered - Blocks "double-booking".
  • Waiting lists if program is full.
  • Delayed registration. Ability to set specific registration start time/date for each program.
  • Email reminders for Patrons. Days in advance can be set.
  • Function sensative error messages.
  • Seperate non-district resident sign-up date can be specified.
  • Bus Trips/Concert tickets: One patron can register for multiple tickets. Number of guests can be set for each program.
  • And many more...


  • Ability to disable online registration and just use in calendar mode.
  • Calendar dispalys in "Staff, Public and Admin" view based on IP/login.
  • Admin must approve posted programs. Multiple admins possible.
  • Batch email cancellation notices in case of emergency or bad weather.
  • Stores presenter information for each program.
  • Generate "Program Contracts" that can be snail-mailed to the program presenter.
  • And many more...


  • Staff and Admin can submit programs and events to the calendar database.
  • Ability to add presenter/artist information associated with program:
  • By default, all events are "grayed out" when they are submitted.
  • Rooms are booked when event is submitted, but Admin must approve the booking.
  • Spanning Events - One program that runs for multiple days or weeks.
  • Registration announcements.
  • Function sensative error messages.
  • Double-room-booking check. Checks room dependancies for rooms that can be sub-divided.
  • And many more...


  • Ability to pay program fees online using service.
  • LOCAL receives "OK" from and places patron in program/class.
  • Payment by cash or check is only allowed in person and on Staff/Admin computers.


  • Generate a summary report for month you select.
  • Shows number of programs for each type, how many patrons registered and fees collected.
  • Show payment methods and where patron is registering from.
  • Export payment data to Microsoft Excel (or any spreadsheet that supports .csv files.)


  1. Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server with Microsoft Internet Information Server 5 or greater installed. (IIS comes with Windows Servers.)
  2. MySQL v5.0 or greater installed. MySQL is a FREE program!
  3. MyODBC Connector/Driver v3.51 or greater installed. MyODBC is a FREE program!


  • Contact me first at : Scott M. Senig (
  • I will set up a download link where you can download a working demo.
  • Once your "donation" to the Friends of the South Huntington Library is made, I'll will send you a license key.

DOES LOCAL DO (insert feature here)?

  • If you don't see what you're looking for, PLEASE ASK!.
  • New features are constantly being added to the program. If the feature isn't there, it's propably in the works.
  • Branch Support comimg soon!

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